Fashion Recap in 2020 

Samantha Nunez, In Our School / In Our Town Editor

2020 was a year of ups and downs, but that doesn’t stop people from showing off their unique style. While in quarantine, people experimented with different types of clothing options that were best suitable for them.


Y2K is one of the most popular styles among teenagers and young adults that seems to be making a comeback. Y2K fashion was mostly seen back in the 2000s, especially in TV shows and movies like Bratz and Mean Girls, which the looks were incorporated from. Y2K clothing consists of bold colors, metallic material, mini skirts, and cropped t-shirts. 

‘90s clothing is another fashion style that has been making a huge comeback recently. This type of clothing includes baggy jeans (mom and boyfriend jeans), scrunchies, baby tees, slip dresses and corsets. Lots of people, including celebrities, love wearing ‘90s clothing as it makes them look stylish.

Blazers are usually worn to job interviews or jobs in general. But blazers are now worn oversized, worn with jeans and high heels or come in a set with a matching skirt. They usually come in neutral colors like tan, brown or grey.

Some honorable fashion styles of 2020 include tie-dye, silk dresses, puff sleeve shirts/dresses and vintage clothes.


Wearing turtlenecks under oversized jackets has become a new fashion style for men. This is great for the fall/winter season because it makes men feel warm and be stylish. This casual outfit can also be worn with fitted pants for special occasions. 

Layering flannel shirts over sweaters seems to be another style that’s currently in. This outfit makes you have that lazy/casual look for the fall season. Making sure your flannel and sweatshirt colors match is a big part of wearing this. 

Plaid pants haven’t been in style since the ‘70s but seem to be coming back. These pants give off a grunge style when worn with a casual t-shirt or blazer.

Some honorable fashion styles of 2020 include Jordan 1s, baseball caps, baggy sweatpants, and sweaters over button-up shirts.