“Power Up” by AC/DC Review


Matthew Iannone, Fashion and Technology Editor

This album can be summed up with just a few words: pure art. Coming off of a six year break from making music, many were skeptical on whether or not the old rock and roll legends could put out music that even resembles their classics from back in the day. Boy were they wrong. AC/DC came out and shocked the world with 41 minutes and seven seconds of mastery and proficiency that puts other music to shame.

Led by 73 year old Brian Johnson, “Power Up” counts for the bands 18th studio album. Being critically acclaimed for this new work of art, the majority of the songs from the album take inspiration from the band’s signature sound. This of course being guitar solos, a heavy reliance on the bass drum, and Brian Johnson’s one of a kind voice. 

After analyzing every song off of this album, it is safe to say that there are no holes. This album is as perfect as they come. The production is impeccable and Angus Young is showing no sign of slowing down. Even without the late and great Malcolm Young, the band was still able to entertain the ears of millions around the world.

The mastery of this album can easily be highlighted by the song, “Shot In The Dark.” This song was made as if it were 1978 all over again. At first listen, you can already identify the fact that the song has the signature AC/DC flair to it. This flair is what makes this album a clear 10/10. There is no room for improvement with this album. Hats off to Brian Johnson and the rest of AC/DC for this gift during one of the worst years in recent history.