The Top Memes of 2020

All the memes that kept us laughing during this dreadful year.

Tyra Hughes, Editor in Chief

We did it Joe, 2020 is finally over. In the year that we need a good laugh the most, Twitter was always by our side to popularize the best memes that streamlined their way to Instagram, TikTok and everyone’s group chats. Here are 2020’s best memes:

January: World War III

Summer Walker meme WW3

Just as Juniors were learning about World War II in their history classes, Gen Zers were joking about a potential World War. Many people, in reaction to conflicts between Iran and Donald Trump,  joked about hating the draft, or getting ready to to go into war. 





February: Rosa “Let Me Find Out You Tryna Be My Valentine Dude?” 

TikTok sensation, Rosa, quickly rose to popularity when their videos started trending online. In this Valentines Day festive meme, Rosa laughs, jokes and flirts with a romantic interest, putting a platform to the thoughts of many in February 2020: “who wants be my valentine dude?”





March: Zoom Memes 

As the country began shutting down and we all were forced to learn the then uncharted waters of Zoom, working and learning from home, we all made light of the situation through various Zoom memes. 


April: Tiger King Meme

With nothing but time to waste, Netflix limited docu series, Tiger King, gained popularity during the shutdown. Many people make jokes about Carole Baskin, who is suspected to have killed her husband, and during her career has rivaled “Tiger King” aka Joe Exotic. 





May: Debby Ryan Radio Rebel Meme

In a fit of revisiting old disney channel movies, Twitter users (who often jumpstart memes before they reach Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook) paused a clip of a scene in Disney Channel’s “Radio Rebel” to reveal an awkward, yet amusing facial expression that Debby Ryan made. Soon the picture made it’s way into the meme collections of many, using it as a reaction picture to show a surprised / flattered emotion. 



June: “I am going to create an environment that is so toxic”

In June, this short quote from the national sensation show, “Glee”, regained popularity. Many people created their own spin to the quote as well. 







July: This is Cake

This was a horror to witness, when cake masters would post videos cutting a seemingly life-like object only to reveal that it was a very cleverly decorated cake. These memes had a lot of people wondering: am I cake? 







August: Mentally, I’m Here

As the pandemic had everyone yearning for a change of setting, many people posted pictures of vacation getaways stating that mentally, that’s where they were. Others took the more comedic approach, using chaotic images to describe their mental space. 





September: Meteor Vs Meatier

In this 1 minute long TikTok, a girl acts out a conversation between God and Angels where a terrible miscommunication of the word “meatier” and “meteor” resulted in the extinction of dinosaurs. 






October: Fly on Mike Pence


When the Vice Presidential debates happened, it wasn’t hard to notice that there was a fly sitting on top of Mike Pence’s head. Everyone flocked to Instagram and Twitter posting pictures of their tv, laughing at the debacle that Pence seemingly took forever to notice. 


November:  We Did it Joe

The day it was confirmed that Joe Biden had won more electoral votes than Donald Trump, Twitter users took up Kamala Harris’ now infamous “We Did it Joe” reaction to their results as the month’s meme. 





December: The Great Conjunction aka Black People Getting Superpowers

When astrologists on the Internet talked about the (actually real) Great Conjunction where Jupiter and Saturn are aligned (which only happens every 20 years), #BlackTwitter started the meme in which Black people would gain superpowers because ”As black people, genetically we are stronger … our Real DNA will be unlocked” Many people joked about getting flying powers or invisibility, in fact, I’m reading your mind as I write this.