Will Gen-Z Find It’s Niche This Year?


Paige Palent, Editorials Editor

Even though the year is now 2021, Gen-Z is time-travelling. 

It’s almost like a pattern. Generation Z finds something they like, gets attached to it, gets bored of it, and recycles it. Over and over again, Gen-Z is trying to find its thing, find its niche, but with the unique and diverse generation that Gen-Z is, it’s hard. 

However, Gen-Z is a group that is moving ever-so fast because of what this generation is known for; growing up with technology and never really being without it. 

Gen-Z can influence millions of people with just the tap of a button — whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok — and because many Gen-Zers have had unlimited access to the web, Gen-Z isn’t quite a set-in-stone generation yet. 

There’s so much going on in the world right now (in real life and virtually) that Gen-Z is going back to things that were originally very popular when they were younger as comfort: things like games, movies, activities; the works. 

2021 will probably be the year that Gen-Z gets its thing. (Like how Baby Boomers, for example, have babies, and Millennials have absolute mounds of debt.) 

Many Gen-Zers can come together and connect over issues they may experience together because of technology and reach out to people all over the world; even on the other side of the earth, in different continents hours ahead of America (more specifically, New Jersey). Gen-Z is marvelous for this alone.

While Gen-Z is travelling back in time, it’s also moving forward; Gen-Zers are the next political leaders, the next CEOs, the next people in charge; many are already savy in these fields without even being out of high school and already know what they’re doing because of technology. Being one of the diverse generations, with different goals in mind and different hurdles that have had to be overcome, 

Even though Gen-Z is usually looked down upon for being so absorbed in technology, it’s bringing a completely different perspective and force into the world. It’s mind blowing. Many people of this generation are becoming more and more prepared and more advanced in things that otherwise couldn’t have been done years ago. 

And even though Gen-Z constantly looks back at things for comfort and resolution, Gen-Z is moving forward morally, economically… in every way that matters. 2021 is the year this will start to truly be noticed.