Super Bowl LV Recap


Zachary Perincheril, Student Journalist

Three things are certain in this life: death, taxes, and the dominance of Tom Brady. Led by Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 to capture the franchise’s second Super Bowl victory, their first since 2003. The Buccaneers quarterback cemented his status as the greatest of all time with his seventh Super Bowl win and fifth Super Bowl MVP award. To put that into context, the two teams with the most Super Bowl wins, the Patriots and Steelers, both only have six wins.

Coming into Super Bowl Sunday, the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs were the favorites to win it all. Coming off of a 14-2 season, the best in the league, and two solid playoff wins, Kansas City seemed like the team to beat. Early on, though, it was obvious that Tampa Bay was the better team. Brady completed 21 of his 29 pass attempts for 201 yards and three touchdowns. The Bucs offense was also bolstered by a strong performance by running back Leonard Fournette, who rushed for 89 yards and one touchdown. Furthermore, The Tampa Bay defense held the #1 rated Chiefs’ offense to no touchdowns, a feat accomplished by no other team this season.

In an NFL season unlike any other, one commodity remains unchanged; the mastery of Tom Brady. Only time will tell if the 43-year-old “GOAT” will continue his reign of supremacy on the league or hang up his cleats and go out on top.