BHM Unsung Hero: Shaun King

BHM Unsung Hero: Shaun King

Jillian Russell, Features Editor

With everything that is currently happening in the world, it can be hard to keep up, especially when it comes to politics! That’s why I follow Shaun King. 

You may be asking yourself who this person is, and I’m here to tell you. Born Jeffery Shaun King, Shaun King is a civil rights activist, organizer, and an American writer/journalist. He is the founder of the following: The Grassroots Law Project, The North Star, The Action PAC, and Real Justice. Along with this, King is the NY Times Bestselling author of “MAKE CHANGE” and host of The Breakdown podcast. Outside of his work, he is a loving husband and father of 5 children. 

When it comes to King’s work, he is predominantly known for highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement, racial discrimination, police brutality, and other civil rights issues around the world. When it comes to these issues, King is very active on his social media. In fact, he is known as “an indispensable source for extending crucial conversations about social justice and equality.”

As a social entrepreneur, King’s social media updates influence millions of people across the world. With all the sharing of stories regarding injustice, King is able to provide direct examples of those who are strongly being affected by racism and police brutality. 

To stay on top of these issues, feel free to follow Shaun King on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Also, check out his website!