Babymetal’s Best Album Turned Five this Year.


Paige Palent, Editorials and News Editor

Babymetal’s album, Metal Resistance, turned five on March 26. They have come so far.

Babymetal is a J-metal group that has been powering on and changing the metal industry since 2010 — the remaining members are both 21 and 23, respectively (Moa Kikuchi and Suzuka Nakamoto). They’ve been performing since they were 10-13. When I first found out about that, I was shocked. 

The album, Metal Resistance, is the golden standard of their albums. It is a more mature sound from their oldest album, titled after the band’s name, and it sounds more complete than their new album, METAL GALAXY, but I may be biased. It was their last album before one of their core members (Yui Mizuno) left, and some fans are still very devastated over his leave in 2018. 

Not only are their lyrics very impactful (even though most of their lyrics are in Japanese, the translations are very meaningful) but everything melts together masterfully, in all of their albums. Over time they’ve gotten better (the lyrics and the instrumentals) but Babymetal has always been a very solid group with very solid albums. 

Metal Resistance was an album that came to be during one of the hardest times of my life, and the members of the group are genuine people you can look up to; they’re very young, but very talented, which only makes me feel closer to them. They bring the absolute hype that comes with heavy metal bands, as well as beautiful lyrics to tie it all together; Babymetal is a masterpiece, wholeheartedly.