‘Attack On Titan’ Ending


Paige Palent, News and Editorials Editor

Attack On Titan has been a manga since 2009, and it recently ended in April of 2021, with a whopping 139 chapters. That’s about 12 very long years of worldbuilding, character arcs, rising-action, falling-action….you name it; it’s there. Attack On Titan is a very good story.

Until it got to the end.


I am someone who enjoys reading. I love watching characters fight it out, maybe make up… but I love reading things that have purpose, and things that I know will be important or interesting later. Isayama, the artist and author of Attack On Titan, is very good at those two things. I’ve also never been a manga person, or someone who prefers pictures over words (because my imagination is rampant) but I’ve always let Attack On Titan slip through the cracks, making it one of my favorite book series. 

However, this ending upset me.

While books have to end in one way or another, the ending of Attack On Titan was very anticlimactic, and not what I was expecting at all; it makes Isayama’s work look very shallow, and very unexpected, because Attack On Titan is not romantic in any sense, however, the ending made it feel like a romance. Attack On Titan is a very fast-paced, action anime/manga and the ending does not fit. 

I can’t disregard that Attack On Titan is a very good story, and I do encourage people to read it. I’m not the most emotional person when it comes to reading, but Isayama really makes you attached to these characters, and builds them all up in a way that they aren’t two-dimensional and every character lives and even dies with purpose. 

But, with an ending so hyped up by the community as well as even some of the voice actors who play the characters in the anime, I feel extremely let down.