Universal Studios Fire Coincidence


Jillian Russell, Features Editor

On Tuesday night, June 1st, a small fire broke out in Universal Studios. A video, posted to Twitter, shows the fire from the point of view in an upper lot near a parking structure. This was close to the “one-eyed Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.” LA County Fire Department officials stated that a Conex box was tied to construction at the park and that the damage was minimal. The Conex cargo ignited around 11:40 pm and was put out around midnight. There is still an on-going investigation in regards to the cause of the fire. 

“There was no damage, and no rides or attractions were affected,” Universal Studios Hollywood spokeswoman Audrey Eig said, adding that the fire was in a “non-guest area” and will not impact park operations. 

But, here’s where things get interesting…

On June 1st, in 2008, a fire broke out in Universal Studios. It’s been reported that the fire was triggered by heated asphalt shingles. “[The worker] left before checking that all spots had cooled, and a three-alarm fire broke out.” As a result of the fire, there was a lot of destruction, including: three acres of the Universal backlot, King Kong Encounter, original master tapes for popular music, and digital TV and film backups. This fire resulted in 0 deaths and 17 non-fatal injuries. 

The fire that broke out on Tuesday night was exactly 13 years, to the day, apart… Coincidence?