Meet Our Editor-in-Chief: Devin Wilkes


Kiley Capstraw, Managing Editor

Devin Wilkes, an aspiring journalist, is a senior at West Orange High School. Like other teens, Devin enjoys listening to music, writing, hanging out with friends, and going to concerts. But, her hard work and dedication have led her on a different path. When she was placed in Journalism in her freshman year, Wilkes did not know it would lead her to become the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Pioneer. Writing has always been a passion, leading her to choose future career paths such as a journalist, author, director, or storyteller. 

When asked why she chose to run for Senior Class President, Wilkes was honest. She states, “Over COVID, I found myself contributing more to the class council, so I decided to run.”  As class president, she and her team hope to fundraise for social events, provide resources, community service, and post-secondary plan readiness.

Wilkes’s consistent academic success has lead her to be part of three different honor societies, including, the National Honor Society, Rho Kappa Honor Society (History), and Escriptus Honor Society (English). 

Wilkes’s kind spirit, intelligence, and loyalty have led her to become a candidate for the 2021 WOHS Homecoming Royalty crown. She has demonstrated authentic leadership during the community’s tough times over the past year and a half. To add on, it was her unique idea to rename the annual event. Being more inclusive and making her peers comfortable are Wilkes’s top goals as Senior Class Council President. Developing a platform has allowed her to become an admirable member of the WO community.  

“Perfectionist” is the word she used to describe herself. Though she often finds herself procrastinating, Wilkes claims that is when her best work is produced. Google Calendar has “saved her life” because it helps her visualize the assignments and days ahead of her. 

Devin Wilkes is a true inspiration to all of her peers because of her steadfast determination and loyalty to those she appreciates. But, Devin is just like any other teenage girl. She admits to being a part of the Mendes Army, a Harry Styles fan, and an occasional Swiftie. The biggest inspiration in her life is her mother, Tamaira Wilkes. She is admirable to Devin because she never backs down and always stands up for what she believes is right,which, Wilkes admits, are both qualities that she is trying to improve on. Her brother, Khalil, is a former student-athlete at Stanford University, where he was a football team member. Dylan, her twin sister, is the Class of 2022 Vice President and will be continuing her academic and athletic career at Delaware State University, where she will play lacrosse. Her father, Will Wilkes, has been an essential part of Devin’s continued success. 

Devin Wilkes is truly the backbone of our club. Her creative ideas, continuous interest, and proficient writing skills are all something that has positively influenced our Pioneer Community. We appreciate you, Devin!