Are We More Thankful After COVID?

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Samantha Nunez, Marketing Coordinator and Entertainment Editor

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re all waiting to host this holiday, have a delicious meal, spend time with our family and ultimately give thanks to the things we appreciate the most. Although Thanksgiving is all about sharing what we’re thankful for, we seem to be more grateful for life, which has to be because of the ongoing pandemic. I asked The Pioneer staff members what they were thankful for this year, and here’s what they all came up with:


Good Health

Wearing a mask for over a year and not getting sick is a blessing. Staying healthy is essential since many have become ill and died due to the virus. Make sure you socially distance yourself in public and wear a mask to prevent yourself from getting the virus and exposing it.


Becoming Social (Again)

Those who stayed at home during quarantine (especially students) have become anti-social from not seeing people or interacting like they used to. Going outside and talking to people is healthy because you’re not secluding yourself from anyone. Enjoying your time with friends, going to concerts, attending in-person school, watching football and soccer games, being able to see family now that things have settled really brings out the best and the willingness to see people after a while.


Scientist/Healthcare Workers 

Bless to all scientists who helped create the COVID vaccine, health care workers who work an extra shift to take care of sick patients, administer vaccines, and ensure our health is protected.


Things We Took for Granted

Let’s be honest: we all miss the good old days when we didn’t have to wear a mask and enjoyed life as peacefully. Although times have changed, make every moment count and live to its fullest.



Now that more stores are starting to open up, it gives people a sense of happiness. Going to the gym, nail salon, parks, mall are different ways one might take to have a self-care day which is essential in a time of stress and makes people be in a healthy state of mind.


Being thankful shows how septic we are and appreciate the people/things in front of us. The Pioneer staff wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving!