The French Dispatch Movie Review


Charley Dvorin, Editorials Editor

Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, released October 22, 2021, is one of my favorite movies in theaters. Unfortunately, movie theaters were completely shut down due to the pandemic until March of 2021, and the dates of theaters reopening varied throughout different parts of the country. 

Wes Anderson is known for his extremely unique and artistic style. Unlike most directors, his movies are easily recognized as his if you begin watching them initially unaware of the director. This being my first time watching a movie in theaters since before the pandemic, I had very high expectations, and The French Dispatch did not disappoint me. 

The French Dispatch is a historically fictional piece about a newspaper, “The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun,” releasing one final issue of stories to the publish. They choose to publish their three best tales, all of which have taken place in the city of Ennui-Sur-Blasé. 

The movie entails three stories, in which each one has an entirely different feel and emotion provoked from the audience. Throughout all of the stories, the common theme is that Anderson chooses to have most of it in black and white; however, they are not in black and white for their entirety. What made the movie so exciting to watch was the different aesthetic and feel of each story. Each plot featured dramatic and loving aspects, whether within a family or between romantic partners. In addition, one story had more action and adventure, while the other had more humor weaved throughout. I was completely engrossed in all of the narratives, and none of them lasted too long where it felt to be increasing the movie’s running time unnecessarily. 

Ultimately, I highly recommend this movie and am confident that it has only increased my adoration for Wes Anderson and his impeccable films. If you get the chance to watch it, it will definitely be worth your while.