2022 Fashion Recap

Taylor Shimek, Student Journalist

2022 was the year we faced the challenge of integrating the “pandemic style” into our everyday lives which were gradually becoming more normal. In order to achieve this we turned to past generations for style inspiration and allowed the growth of new fashion innovations.

In women’s fashion this year we experimented with tops; more specifically, layering and using simple pieces to maintain a put-together but casual look.
The oversized blazer was a specific piece that captured this mindset, and Hailey Bieber brought it to the attention of millions. In addition, by using social media others discovered that an oversized blazer could be styled in many different ways so as to really define business casual.
Simple tanks and t-shirts were also an integral part of anyone’s closet. The Italian fashion house Prada pioneered a fascination for simplistic looks after releasing a plain white tank top with their signature triangle logo and having it retail for well over $1,000.
Corsets grew immensely popular this summer/fall season. The well-fitting structure and different fabrics drew in their appeal. Urban outfitters released their famous “Out from under modern love corset” which was an instant hit, and easy to assume as one of the more monumental releases from a clothing brand this year.
Transitioning from the sweater vest, popular in 2020, came the rise of the button-up vest. It comes in multiple different styles and is perfect for any occasion because of the ease at which it makes an outfit appear professional or laid back when added on.

Pants were an important factor when creating an outfit in 2022 since they were used as a way to make a statement.
Big, baggy pants have been popular for a number of years but recently re-established themselves. Previously grouped in with tiny tops, now baggy shirts are the way to go when being styled with their counterpart, the wide-legged or mom style jean.
Cargo pants were a must-have. Their comfortable fit gave us the freedom to wear them in public or at home which made them appealing, along with how well they paired with other unique pieces to form an individual yet cohesive look.
Low-waisted jeans were inspired by 90s/early 2000s looks. Styling these pants came naturally easy and they looked put together with minimum effort. These factors made them one of the more important pieces to have in your closet this year.
Any type of flared pant was essential to have. The design could be found in leggings, jeans, and sweats. Incorporating it into an outfit was so simple that it immediately gained our attention and now is seen in multiple capacities, for any situation.

Shoes were popular this year, worn to make an outfit look more expensive or thought out. More people began to care about what you wore at the foot of your appearance.
Adidas reemerged, and their old “Sambas” were searched for far and wide, with many cleaning out thrift stores to find a pair.
Nike and Converse still remain two of the top shoe brands since they offer a range of options such as dunks, blazers, high tops, low tops, different colors, and patterns. It’s more than likely you can find someone who owns one pair or a dozen from them.
Cowboy boots drew in a crowd. Once considered too country for some, they’re now a staple piece that can make any outfit more interesting. Used more often for concerts and festivals when dressing up, cowboy boots have also made an appearance as part of streetwear and will most likely be worn casually in the future.
Birkenstocks have always been popular, but this year they took on new aspects to make their line more memorable. Different styles were introduced and you could find collaborations with famous designers such as Dior on their website and in their stores. The shoe used to be a reminder of the infamous VSCO phase (a saturated, candid, beach-drawn memory from 2019) but is growing acceptance from the public which is helping the brand succeed.
“Dad” appearing shoes were also widely appreciated for their chunky, old-school look. They were not only fashionable but comfortable seeing as the sneaker brand New Balance designed many popular variations.

Accessories complete an outfit, and with 2022 came some self-expressive ways to add character to any pants and shirt combination.
Chunky, square, gas station sunglasses were a necessity for the summer. Appreciated for their big frames and retro resemblance, you couldn’t go wrong with throwing on a pair in the heat since they weren’t just fashion-forward but practical as well.
Tiny bags were easy to find and easier to carry around. They looked clean and worked well with any type of outfit, ranging from extravagant to basic.
Layered bracelets and necklaces took up most of our outfits making them appear more interesting. Specifically, gold hoops, small beaded bracelets, and lots of rings with distinctive, bigger designs could be utilized to accentuate an ensemble.