Committed: Abigail Nolan


Senior Abigail Nolan has verbally committed to Southern Connecticut State University where she will play lacrosse!


Let’s get to know the newest OWL: 


When did you verbally commit?

 I verbally committed July 20th, 2021.


What made you commit to SCSU?

Southern Connecticut is a school I’ve been interested in since before I even started playing lacrosse. I could already see myself attending the school of sciences at Southern, so when I decided to play in college, I knew I wanted to play there. 


What do you plan on majoring in?

I plan on majoring in Biology, with a focus on healthcare applications. 


When did you start playing lacrosse? 

I started seriously playing lacrosse as a freshman in high school. 


What position do you play? 

I play midfield, and I take the draw. 


What are you most excited for this high school season? 

With the pressure of college off, I’m most excited for senior season to be stress-free, and only about the game. 


How has your game grown since you first picked up a stick?

I’ve been lucky to have amazing coaches, who put a lot of trust in me as a member of the team. This gave me a lot more trust in myself, and assured me that I deserved to be there. 


What careers are you interested in pursuing?

I hope to get a masters in applied healthcare, and start a career as a Physician’s assistant. 


Do you have a specific number that you like to wear? If so, what is its meaning? 

I hope that I can keep my high school number, #20. #20 is my little sister’s birthday, and my first house address.