Committed: Olivia Prescott


Image via Olivia Prescott

Mountaineer Track & Field superstar Olivia Prescott has committed to Rutgers University, where she will be joining the Scarlet Knights as a thrower. With countless accolades that include being a multi-level champion, 2nd Team All-State in Discus, 1st Team All-County in Shot Put, and so much more, she looks forward to building on her success at the Division 1 level. In the midst of her winter season, Prescott was able to share her experience and exciting future plans with The Pioneer.

What made you decide to commit to Rutgers?

I chose Rutgers because I felt the most comfortable there. I feel like that’s a major component when making a college decision; it definitely felt like home. The team is so welcoming and like a family and I loved that. I also think that I can develop as a student-athlete very well with the academic and athletic staff at Rutgers. They checked all the boxes, so it was a no-brainer. 


What other schools were you considering and how were you able to narrow down your options?

I was considering UMASS, University of Albany, University of Maine, Louisiana Tech, and Towson. I narrowed down my options based off my visits, so I just did pros and cons of each school and I was able to make my decision pretty quickly. 


You had sort of a “secret” type of signing day. Why did you choose to reveal your commitment the day of? 

Mostly because of my dad [laughing], he didn’t want me to tell a whole bunch of people where I was going to be attending college next year. Also, because as an athlete who was as highly recruited as I was, everyone always anticipates your signing day so it was fun for it to be a surprise.


What do you look forward to the most about throwing at Rutgers?

I look forward to my development most. The coach that recruited me has brought up so many great athletes and I think he was a major factor in my decision. I also look forward to becoming a part of the track and field family at Rutgers because of the connection with the team I had while on my visit. 


What was your visit to Rutgers like? 

It was literally amazing. When I first got there I saw familiar faces, people I used to compete against and saw at track meets. When I was able to have alone time with my host Alicia, she took me to meet the other throwers and there was instant chemistry. It was like I was already a part of the team. I had so much fun with them and I’m happy to call some members of the team my friends. 


What is your favorite thing about Rutgers outside of your sport?

Definitely campus life. I can’t wait to get the full college experience and meet new people and live a life without my parents of course [laughing]. My best friend also attends Rutgers so I’m super excited about that, ‘cause we talked about going to college together but we didn’t think it would actually happen. I’m just excited to be independent. 


How has COVID impacted your recruitment process?

It really didn’t. The only thing that was affected was the fact that I couldn’t actually stay with any of my hosts; I had to stay in a hotel. But other than that, I got recruited pretty regularly. 


What are your future goals?  Do you plan to throw professionally?

My future goals are to become an NCAA Champion, and if things go my way and I’m throwing the way I anticipate, [I] hopefully wanna throw for Team USA in the Olympics. Outside of track, I want to become a pediatric surgeon and accomplish so many things that my parents weren’t able to accomplish and make them proud. That’s really the only thing that’s important, making my parents proud. 


Who would you say has helped you the most along your journey?

God definitely helped me through EVERYTHING. I mean without him nothing is possible, but I feel like he was on my side every time I needed him.  Also, my coach and father. He’s been with me since I started doing this when I was nine years old. We learned together and grew together as coach and athlete. He made me the athlete and young woman I am today and I know he would probably say that I did it on my own, but he was with me every time I picked up the implement to compete and there’s nothing I can do to show him all the gratitude I have. 


What is one piece of advice you would give to other student-athletes?

I would tell them that it takes a lot of sacrifice to be the best at what you do. That applies to anything, not just sports. Being at the top is very lonely so get used to it just being you and your coach. Get used to being uncomfortable because not everything is going to be a walk in the park. Nobody said this was easy so prepare yourself to be pushed. In the end, it all pays off so remember to enjoy it and have fun.