Biden’s State of the Union: Crisis Control in Washingston


All eyes were on President Biden during his first State of the Union Address. 


In what looked like full attendance among Democrats and Republicans in the House and the Senate, there was no room for Biden to make any of his infamous gaffes. Luckily, President Biden started off the night speaking on the growing issue in Ukraine. In what looked like unanimous support for Ukraine on both sides of the political aisle, Biden’s messaging marked a stark change in hyperpartisanship. While Biden did promise “normalcy,” this moment was short-lived, as both sides deviated from the civility that the first ten minutes may have suggested. Regardless, Biden spoke on rising inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and touted his first year accomplishments in office.


President Biden has overseen one of the sharpest increases of inflation in years, and the crisis in Ukraine has only exacerbated this issue. However, it is worth noting that inflation was already an issue before Russia invaded Ukraine. Nevertheless, Biden spoke about a different approach to handle inflation than his record suggests. A major proponent of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which inadvertently weakened American manufacturing and innovation, Biden called for more “infrastructure and innovation in America… Instead of relying on foreign supply chains, let’s make it in America.” Many were quick to point out that Biden’s voting record suggests he supports otherwise, but Biden is not new to this situation. In 2009, President Obama tasked then- Vice President Biden with managing the job crisis during the recession in Obama’s first term. He has a proven track record of bringing U.S. jobs back despite his voting record. However, considering inflation is skyrocketing out of control and a worsening issue in Ukraine, will this deviate Biden from his policy agenda?


Speaking about Biden’s accomplishments in his first year in office, Biden has overseen a weakening COVID crisis in the United States. The economy is starting to open up completely, more people are open to receiving vaccines, schools are open, and mask mandates are loosening up around the country. While Americans are experiencing a “new normal,” there is no doubt that “normal” is within reach.


Biden’s legislative plans were also spoken about at the State of the Union. Starting with Biden’s controversial infrastructure bill, Biden was outspoken in his support for the law and the benefits it poses to everyday Americans. Taking a jab at Republicans, Biden boasted that infrastructure would be a key component in the development of the United States. Biden also bragged about his “American Rescue Plan,” which he stated, “It created jobs. Lots of jobs.”


Lastly, Biden spoke about his pro-police stance, breaking away from the progressive belief of “defunding the police,” a destructive sentiment that put Democrats’ elections at risk during the 2020 election.


Ultimately, despite other minor heckling at Biden during the speech, an unprofessional gesture, Congress seemed surprisingly on the same page in many major issues. Will Biden be able to solve the issue in Ukraine without getting directly involved? Will inflation and rising gas prices cripple Democrats in the midterm elections? While much of Biden’s presidency is still in question, Biden met the moment and delivered a solid speech when the people needed his guidance the most.