Nintendo Faces Potential Lawsuit… Again


The popular gaming company Nintendo is getting sued once again, but this time for the in-game Joy-Con drift that players are experiencing.

This second class-action lawsuit comes from Luz Sanchez and her nine or ten year old son. Sanchez claims that these drifts started happening after a month they purchased a Nintendo Switch in 2018. The Switch had already been out for a year before someone called out the company.

During Joy-Con drift, there are in-game movements from the control stick, but without them being touched or moved. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has heard of the problem and hasn’t done anything to fix it.

Nintendo currently offers Joy-Con repairs to any customer who experienced the drift and offered to fix them for free even if the customer is not under the company’s warranty.

Nintendo’s current president Shuntaro Furukawa apologized in June, the first official apology heard after years of this ongoing problem.

Though the company states that “they are trying to fix this issue,” this doesn’t stop Sanchez’s son from suing.

They ask for $5,000,000 in damages for the company not taking the issue seriously enough when they’ve known about this defect over years. 

When commenting on the lawsuit on, one user expressed how they felt. “The thing is, they could get in contact with Nintendo, yet decide that they deserve 5 million (for whatever reason) due to 2 faulty Joycons. Absolutely disgusting.”

Another commented, “I think people don’t realize what it actually takes to get a company’s attention.”

Sanchez’s son isn’t the first to sue Nintendo over this. Back in 2019, law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner and Donaldson Smith sued the company for the same defective issues regarding the Joy-Con controllers.

With the demand for the damages, there hasn’t been talks on whether this case is moving to official court.