Committed: Dylan Wilkes


Image via Dylan Wilkes

What made you decide to commit to Delaware State?

I chose Delaware State University because I felt the most support ever since the opening of recruitment in September 2020. Although I wanted to see what my other options for schools were, Del State made me feel appreciated and checked up on me very often throughout the process. [My coach], Coach Pam, was just very kind and supportive to me and never made me forget her. Del State just had a lot of the things I was looking for in a school.


What other schools were you considering and how were you able to narrow down your options?

I was looking all over the place, really. I had a couple of schools I was looking at like the University of California, Berkeley, Middlebury, Florida Southern, and Monmouth University. Now, that list is all over the place division-wise, but when going through recruitment, I wanted a school that showed me the most love and what school was willing to give me the most scholarship money.


What do you look forward to the most about playing lacrosse at Delaware State?

I think that I’m really looking forward to playing with people that look like me. You know, lacrosse is a predominantly white sport, and me being around people who didn’t look like me was very hard just cuz they didn’t know how to interact with me, as a black woman in the sport. I mean, after taking the visit, watching TikToks, and talking with students and coaches, I’m just looking forward to the people on the team and the energy and support I’ll always feel.


Playing lacrosse at an HBCU definitely seems like a change of pace. Has this impacted your decision at all? 

I think when I first started, I was in between having an HBCU as an option. Like when I first started the recruiting process, I had never heard about Del State. But then they followed me on my social media, and then on September 1st, 2020, Coach Pam was the very first person to reach out and show interest. I think Del State being an HBCU did have an impact on my decision but it wasn’t the only reason. The main thing I was looking for when I was going through the recruiting process was a school where I knew I could fit in and a school where I would really get playing time. DSU was consistent with reaching out, allowing me to speak with players, going to visit and meeting the other recruits, and I really liked that. 


What was your visit to DSU like? 

Oh my gosh, it was really good. So when I was first invited to come take an official visit, I thought I was gonna be by myself, so I was excited but was also freaking out because it was like ‘I’m alone, how should I act?’ I just had all these thoughts going through my mind of how the visit was gonna go. But then when I got there, there were two other recruits that were there so it made me feel so much better since I would be coming in with them in the fall. I got to know the team, mainly the freshman and they were all very cool. The rest of the girls were great too. It seems a tight-knit group, and that’s what I am looking for in my college experience. I like how the campus is small but like big like its spaced out nice.


How has COVID impacted your recruitment process? 

COVID had a pretty big effect on my process especially since 2020 was the start of my process. There were certain periods where coaches weren’t allowed to reach out and see us play so that stunk because I’d have tournaments and stuff but then they couldn’t see me. But honestly, I made the most of it by doing different clinics and getting film to send these coaches so that they have an idea of how I play.


What are your future goals?  Do you plan to lacrosse professionally? 

Honestly, I haven’t been thinking about that yet, with the playing lacrosse professionally. I would like to but I just want to see where my college experience goes, you know?


Who would you say has helped you the most along your journey? 

I think I would say my parents have helped a lot along the way. They have always taught me to understand my worth and go where I am loved. I think that my family in general has just been super supportive of my process. My club coaches have helped me a lot too. They really got me out there to these coaches and helped me get better.


What is your favorite thing about DSU outside of lacrosse? 

The family dynamic that the team has. I also like how the school isn’t crazy far from home. I really liked the dorms too.


What is one piece of advice you would give to other student-athletes? 

My biggest piece of advice would be to go where you’re loved. Follow your heart!