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Importance Of Fathers 

Importance Of Fathers 

Growing up you usually have two adults known as your mom and dad. Your parents raised you and worked their hardest to shape you into who you are as an adult. From what I observed it seems as though there is a lack of appreciation for fathers.  A lot of people wouldn’t know who they would be after their fathers. 


Girls and their Fathers

Her dad means the world to her. He is her hero when times are rough and always seems to know when something bothers her. She will always be daddy’s little girl even when she is old enough to drive. She looks up to her father in many different ways and sometimes even her mom says, “You remind me a lot like your father.” When she is lost in life, has a rough day at school, or has bad practices she always knows she can call her daddy. 

Fathers’ number one priority is to protect the family and even though he doesn’t live with the family he still manages to protect and be here for every one of his kids. Dad gets sad seeing his little girl grow up but knows deep down she will always love him. 

Life would be so hard without a father figure in any girl’s life. They teach you deep and important lessons about boys and hope that one day a boy won’t hurt you. Now she is a junior in high school looking for colleges. When she mentions she wants to go to the University of Tennessee she knows deep down she will miss her father the most. It might hurt her dad but he will always support her because he wants her to be happy. Fathers sacrifice to make sure their kids are happy. 


Boys and their Father

In any boy’s life, they need their father. His dad teaches him how to play sports and how to tie a tie on prom night. His father teaches and shows him how to treat women and what to do when he is going through girl problems. When times get tough he needs to know that he can always call his father for help. Through the many sports he played his father helped him work on being great at each sport. They can enjoy and talk about football for the longest time and enjoy every bit of it. When he is surrounded by girls in the house he knows his dad will always be the man figure in his life and guide him to be an amazing person. Fathers all want their boys to become men who are hard-working, intelligent, kind, and happy people. The road for boys is manhood. This is why its crucial for men to consider what fathers do for their sons to help them along this journey.  We must appreciate our fathers because they are the only one who can help change a boy into a “man.” When boys are in their childhood age they start noticing the difference between mom and dad. They start noticing that dad has a deeper voice and has shorter hair then mom. Boys grow up to look up to their fathers and want to be “just like dad.” Fathers are most likely to throw their baby boys  up in the air, as gravity pulls them down back into dads’ hands. At first the boy is scared but once he gets back into his fathers’ arms, he is filled with joy.  This is because he just learned that thrills can be scary. But this helps them develop confidence by “taking chances” and doing scary things.


Hopefully after reading this article, you will make sure you appreciate every bit of your father. Across America in 2022 data reports about 18.3 Million children live without a father figure in their life.  This article is inspired by my amazing father who continues to support me and my future. 


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