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Alicia Brown

Alicia Brown, In Our School/Town Editor

Involved in journalism, broadcasting, and creative writing, Alicia Brown (she/her), junior at West Orange High School, is a new and optimistic In Our School/Town section editor of The Pioneer. She has prior experience with journalism, beginning in her freshman year. This year in newspaper class, she is confident in making both new connections and riveting articles for the school newspaper.

Along with her interests in journalism and academics, Alicia also balances athletics, participating in pole vaulting, figure skating, and cheerleading. At UCA Cheer Camp, Alicia earned an impressive individual title, "All American", selected after cheerleaders from all over the nation try out through a sequence of jumps, cheer, and dance. After high school, she plans on continuing activities in college through sports journalism, specializing in the field to combine her passions. 

Currently as a member of The Pioneer, she is confident in her writing abilities. Although she earned various achievements, her multitude of extracurriculars has caused her to face plenty of challenges. She tells herself to “Trust the process” knowing that if she continues to work hard and go with the flow, things will work out in the end, an excellent mindset for someone juggling a lot at once. If she were not to pursue a career in sports journalism, she hopes to explore a path in business management. 

As someone who is proven to be a dedicated and a hard-working person, Alicia’s achievements are anticipated for her addition to The Pioneer, her work soon to be valued by her peers. She can be reached at [email protected]

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