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A Resilient Bond – WOHS Varsity Boys Basketball

WOHS Sports Media
At the 2023 Winter Sports Media Day on December 2, the varsity boys basketball team got their pictures taken and an exclusive interview with The Pioneer and WOHS Sports Media.

The Boys Basketball team is at a new start this season with new players and coaches. One thing that stood out at the 2023 Winter Sports Media press conference was the boys’ bond. With a sport like basketball, bonds are key. Being close with your team, upperclassmen being mentors to underclassmen. The bond on this team is astonishing. During the press conference, we heard from Coach Keegan, John Caplanis, Mikervens Auguste, Jaden Livingston, Miles Price, and Nick Matos. They all spoke about how they all have some experience playing with each other. This season they have had new members join their varsity team.

With some outstanding freshman and new senior basketball player John Caplanis on the team, the boys are sure to work hard and make sure they give 100% on the court. Livingston states that their goal this season is to learn from each other which is what they have been doing over the fall season. They want to get better with each other. Our Varsity Boys Basketball team is one of the youngest teams in Essex County. They know that they have to achieve their goals quickly. The team is aware that they have a new coach stepping in this season and want to create that bond and connection with the team and coach. Matos mentions, “Coach Keegan loves trusting his players and puts the ball in our hands.”

As a coach of a high school team, it shows a lot when a coach can trust an athlete to make or determine a play. Understanding that the game most likely looks different from an athlete’s perspective than a coach on the sideline. This highlights how smart the boys are and how much they truly know about the game. The team’s values are staying together, and the boys have good chemistry. They strongly believe it’s a family this year compared to last year, and that they are closer this year even with the short amount of time they’ve had together. They believe there are deeper connections and bonds within this team. Caplanis is now spending his last high school season back at West Orange. He states, “It means a lot because a lot of the kids here I’ve known for so long it’s nice to be playing with them again.” It’s amazing to hear about the great bond the boys have and hopefully continue to have for the rest of their seasons.

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