Montclair Pride 2023

Montclair Pride 2023

Nyah McKinney, In Our School and Editorials Editor

Saturday, June 10th, Montclair held its second annual Pride festival from 12pm to 8pm. Over 100+ local vendors and a total of 190+ vendors and sponsors participated with various performances on three stages all day long. “I have never felt so represented and connected to a community like I had today and I loved to see everyone be proud of their identities.” said an anonymous Pride attendee. 

Montclair was filled to the brim with Pride so that rainbows and flags could be spotted from every corner of town. Families, couples, friends, and even cops (who were on patrol to regulate safety) were enjoying the event, dancing and singing at the stages, walking around the tents filled with games, promotions, free items, and more, and enjoying quality time eating at restaurants. It was hours long worth of entertainment and a safe space to express who you are. 

According to, Montclair Pride is invested in creating safes and offering resources for LGBTQIA+ people of all ages and identities and making Montclair a home for all. Through education, advocacy, and investment, people of marginalized communities can be heard.  

As we celebrate the rest of pride month this June, it is important we listen to the voices of queer groups and recognize the hate that still surrounds the LGBTQIA+ community so we can educate people out of their ignorance.