Ten Tik Tokers You Should Follow


Over the past two years, Tik Tok has taken over the world. I remember reluctantly downloading it in February 2019 before its major surge in popularity and was amazed at the diversity in content and quick nature of the content. Tik Tok was called Musical.ly from Spring 2014 – to November 2017 and was the biggest lip-syncingapp of my middle school career.


According to CNBC, “TikTok said it had about 55 million global users by January 2018. That number grew to more than 271 million by December 2018 and 507 million by December 2019. The company reported nearly 700 million monthly active users last summer,” and now has over one billion users. 


Amongst all of the greatness and craziness of the platform, here are ten content creators I highly recommend following. 

1.  Jeremy O. Harris @jeremyoharris

A playwright, producer, and screenwriter Jeremy O. Harris

provides a refreshing glimpse into the life of a globe-trotting creative. You can also check out his account for behind-the-scenes Euphoria and Zola clips.


2. Clara Mutter @tinyjewishgirl

For unorthodox and exciting looks, check out New York City’s finest fashionista.


3. Marcus Milione @marcusmilione

As a business owner, running lover, and fashion content creator, Marcus provides tips for every aspect of self-help.


4. Robyn Delmonte @girlbosstown

With a creative mind and encyclopedic knowledge of early 2000s pop culture, Robyn always has a bright idea for new PR moves. 


5. Liam Cole @why_wear_that

For every movie you love, Liam has a deep and interesting analysis of each character’s outfits. With just one video he can step up your style. 


6. Syd Deriggs @h0ttieslikep1ckles

She’s one of the coolest girls in NYC and has a video of anything you like- books, makeup, style, and even building her business.


7. Jordan Daniels @jordandaniels_

A model on the rise to superstardom, you can also catch glimpses of the model’s life on her Tik Tok account.


8. Clarke Peoples @claaarke 

As a successful entrepreneur and hardworking Columbia student, Clarke has all the tips in order to live your best life. 


9. The Carberry’s @thecarberrys

For some wholesome daily dancing content, check out Carberry’s page for a smile.


10. Takyrah Jones @takyrahj

Similar to @Girlbosstown, Takyrah’s page includes a more robust list of creative PR ideas for celebrities.