Fall Activities


Autumn. The season where pumpkin spice lattes are back, the leaves blossom in different colors, and the weather changes, which everyone seems to adore so that they can change their wardrobe. As this season comes to us, there are many opportunities that you can do to get some fun outside of your home and enjoy this cozy, chilly fall. But of course, in doing these activities, taking safety protocols is essential as we still have an ongoing pandemic and still need to wear face masks to protect ourselves. So here is a list of a few fall activities you can do:


Pumpkin Patches/Apple Picking

Taking a trip to any local farms to find the perfect pumpkin or pick apples is a great way to spend quality time with family. This could also be an opportunity to have a fall photoshoot of enjoying your time.



Going to picnics with friends and family is a great way to get outside air and spend time. Bringing homemade food and recipes is perfect for sharing. Some fall treats could include pumpkin pies, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and apple custard. 


Bike Rides

Enjoying the nice wind while cruising down the street is a fantastic feeling, especially during fall. Many road trails like the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange are good to go on.



Having a bonfire party is a great way to bond with friends and chill outside. Ways to make your party fun are telling stories, making s’mores, or even setting up a projector outside to watch a movie.


Late-Night Drives 

As a child, have you ever taken a ride back home and just laid down listening to music and appreciated the moment? Late-night drives typically have that nostalgic feeling, and the feel of the wind blowing in the car is just the best.


Friday Night Lights

Watching a high school or college Friday night football game might not sound fun to some, but most students love to go to these games to enjoy the time with their friends and make the moment count.