Winter Activities


Winter. A season where the leaves fall as the snow starts to fall, the temperature drops to the single numbers, dressing up in layers, and adjusting your wardrobe to fit the weather. With winter ending in two months, there are plenty of activities to do. Sure, it might be cold, and staying cozy in bed sounds fun; the season does have worthwhile activities you can do. Taking safety protocols is essential as we still have an ongoing pandemic, still need to wear face masks to protect ourselves and make sure we dress up appropriately to ensure we don’t catch a cold or the flu. Here is a list of a few winter activities you can do:


Sledding/Ice Skating

Although we’ve only had one to two inches of snow, that doesn’t mean that there are hills covered in snow to sled on. The South Mountain Reservation and Redwood Elementary School are two West Orange places with hills to slide off from. If you like ice skating instead of sledding, the Codey Arena is an ideal spot to ice skate.


Binge Watch a TV Show

Don’t want to be outside because it’s chilly? Grab your favorite cozy sheets, a cup of hot cocoa, or coffee, hop on the couch or bed and find a show to binge-watch on a streaming service.


Baking Sweets 

Have a post-holiday craving for some sweets. Bake a warm, tasty pastry to fulfill your craving and have a delightful treat. You can bake homemade cookies, cinnamon rolls, bake, and bread.



Since it’s too cold to have a bonfire outside, you can light the fire in your fireplace and gather friends and family to have a chilled, laid-back time.


Winter Photoshoot

Wear a warm, cozy winter outfit and take pictures of yourself or things around you, whether inside or outside. Grab your friends or family to help you out with the photoshoot. You can post them on your social media or have them for memories to look at later.



Always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet? This season is the perfect time to do so because you can make winter accessories that you’ll need. Go to your local arts and crafts store to buy materials to knit or crochet and do this in your free time.