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Is Disney Falling Off?

Inside the Magic
In recent years, we come to wonder if Disney is falling apart.

The Disney company was founded in 1923 when Walt Disney signed a contract with M.J. to produce a series of Alice Comedies. Disney’s first movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was also their first Disney Princess film. Their most recent movie, Wish, released November 22. Since then Disney has made many films from 1937 to 2023, and there is most likely more to come. 

At Disney’s start, they were doing well with plenty of movies, shows, merchandise, Disneyland and World are in different locations all over. One might assume that they always make a good amount of money given the company they are. However, when examining the data, you will see that this is not at all true. When looking at the quarterly and year-over-year, or YOY, growth from 2009-2023 on you can see how much they made. In 2009-2010 Disney made about $8-10 billion in quarterlies, and their lowest Year-over-year was -1.27% during 2010. In 2011-18 Disney made about $10-15 billion in quarterlies and their YOY was -0.27% during 2017. Once 2019 started, numbers rose with the quarterlies being about $14-20 billion, the highest so far, and their YOY lowest being 2.57%. Although 2019 was looking up, 2020 hit with the numbers going down the quarterlies between $11-15 billion and the YOY being -41.87%, the lowest it has ever been from 2009-2020. Once 2020 ended it finally started going back up, even hitting the most it has ever been with a quarterly of $23.5 billion at the end of 2023. 

When looking at sites such as and its reviews, one person says that Disney is widely regarded as a fantastic place to work due to its commitment to fostering creativity. Although that may be true, may prove it wrong. The article was posted on May 31, 2023, and on Friday, May 26 it is said that Disney hit their goal of 7,000 layoffs by giving out the remaining employees their fired notices during Disney’s third round of job cuts. 7,000 layoffs represent 3.2% of Disney’s headcount of about 220,000 employees worldwide. As of October 1, 2022, the cuts were part of Disney’s efforts to achieve about 5.5 billion in cost-saving, 2.5 billion of that money going into non-content costs which includes labor costs. Disney is aiming for a reduction of $3 billion for non-sport content costs. 

Disney’s newest movie Wish comes out on November 22, the movie is about Asha who lives in the kingdom of Rosas. Asha is sharp-witted and an idealist. She makes a powerful wish one night and her wish is answered by a cosmic force, a ball of energy called Star. Star and Asha go against the ruler of Rosas, King Magnifico, to save her community and to prove what happens once the will of one person’s courage connects with the magic of the stars. The movie has come out with trailers and even music sung by the protagonist and the antagonist. Even though this movie hasn’t come out yet, it has already been slammed by an article from, posted October 2. The author of this article states that when fans watched the trailer for the Wish movie they were underwhelmed. However, it has now become Disney’s most-watched trailer surpassing that of Frozen 2, which as of right now has 48 million views while the official teaser trailer for Wish has 66.5 million. 

Disney is a well known franchise that has many hundreds of movies some being good some being bad, the question now is are the new movies that are out and coming out good or are they bad.  

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