An Interview With Mr. Hellyer


Which classes do you teach?

Concert Choir, Tenor/Bass Choir, Piano Lab, General Music


How did you get into teaching these subjects?

I have always been a musician and majored in Music Education in college.


Which class do you enjoy teaching the most?

Concert Choir- it’s the closest to my expertise and I like hearing everyone sing together.


How long have you been teaching for?

14 years


What has been the greatest moment of your teaching career so far?

When I left Liberty to come to WOHS and the students and faculty gave me a concert send-off with “To Sir, With Love” – that was very special.


What do you do other than teach?  

Sing professionally, run a church choir and music program and teach private voice lessons

​Is there a message you would like to tell the readers?  

Work hard and throw yourself into the things you enjoy. Don’t sweat the small stuff.