An Interview With Ms. Headlam, New SAC Counselor


What is your role in our school?

My role in the school is to serve as an Student Assistant Counselor (SAC). There are two Student Assistant Counselors, myself, and Mr.Chirichello, who has been here I believe for 14 years. As a SAC, we’re here to enforce the drug policy, to make sure everyone is drug free and safe. We also serve as the anti-bullying specialist, so we monitor any HIBs and we try to make sure everyone has a safe climate and culture. We also deal with the social and emotional well being of the students.

What made you want to become a counselor?

I wanted to become a counselor because while I was growing up I did not have the best counselor role models and in college I ended up meeting my mentor. I knew that I really wanted to affect change in high school students specifically. When you come into high school everyone expects you to be an adult and you don’t really have anyone there to guide you through the challenges that come with being a teenager but also taking on the responsibilities that come with being a young adult.

Why should students come to you?

They should come to the SAC department or to any support system period. What I’ve noticed here being my first year in West Orange is that it’s a really family environment and we really want you to do well. Also, they should come just so they could have a second set of ears and eyes to help them through any challenge. You’re not alone in what you’re going through.

What do you like about the school so far?

Definitely the family atmosphere, students are great, you guys make me smile almost every day. The staff and administration. Everyone is really welcoming and I like that everyone follows policy and that we collaborate really well together.

Where did you study?

I studied at Kean University. I got my Bachelor’s of psychology at Kean. I started off my graduate school at George Washington in D.C but I finished my Master’s at Kean University.

Do you have any hobbies you do outside of school?

I love to shop, I read a lot of books on social justice, and I actually like to dance and listen to music.

If you could tell the student body one piece of advice, what would you say?

It doesn’t matter how you start it matters how you finish and to just always always stay positive!