Rachel Levine: The First Openly Transgender Official Confirmed by the Senate


Rachel Levine has become the first openly transgender official confirmed by the Senate. 

America has been making slow progress to becoming more diverse, especially inside the government’s doors. However, as of March 26th, 2021, Rachel Levine is the highest-ranking transgender government official. More specifically, in the Department of Health, where she is the assistant secretary. 

Since she was sworn in, she has been doing things such as discussing the J&J vaccine, herd immunity, and vaccine hesitancy, as well as providing for America’s state of mind. She believes that everyone should push to get vaccinated if they can without putting their health at stake. 

Rachel Levine working as the assistant secretary for the department of health is a big thing, and it’s amazing. However, even though this is a huge accomplishment, it’s not enough. Thirty-one states have introduced bills to not allow transgender athletes from participating in sports that match their gender identities as some legislators deem it unfair. South Carolina and Texas both signed off on an anti-transgender medical care bill, and more are coming from other states. 

It’s upsetting. 

I’m excited to see more diversity in America’s government in the future. America is full of different cultures, identities, and people, and it’s very stupefying to see mostly only straight white cisgender men working for the United States government. Hopefully, America will work it’s way up from this.