Meet Our Marketing Coordinator and Entertainment Editor : Samantha Nunez


Samantha Nunez is the Marketing Coordinator and Entertainment Editor of The Pioneer. She was the editor of the “In Our School” section of The Pioneer throughout sophomore and junior year. Samantha was born in Bronx, New York and raised in Washington Heights in the early part of her life, eventually coming to West Orange in the first grade. Samantha has many interests such as shopping, watching YouTube videos about beauty/fashion, enjoying Marvel movies, and going out walks. Her favorite non-musical entertainers are Marvel actors Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, and Tom Hiddleston. Listening to music is also a hobby of hers. She enjoys listening to artists like Ariana Grande and Kali Uchis. One day she wants to visit parts of Europe, especially Italy because she’s a fan of their culture.  

A significant interest of hers is journalism. Samantha gained interest in journalism in middle school, transitioning into high school. She’s taken some next-level steps to show her passion for journalism, like joining The Pioneer and doing the Montclair University Summer Journalism Workshop over the summer. Samantha found out about The Pioneer through a teacher, and she’s been writing for the school ever since.  Sam’s time at Montclair University was very productive. Although it got stressful for her, she learned many new things and did many different things. 

During her time there, she wrote different types of articles such as story writing, interviews, research pieces, radio journalism, and more. The workshop helped Samantha become a more flexible writer, which has greatly enhanced Becoming a flexible writer helped better her writing skills. Samantha improved on breaking down long information and putting it into short writing pieces. To Samantha, an essential part of journalism is credibility. It’s the responsibility of the journalist to give the right information. Without the right information, you won’t be a reliable source for information. Sam has gained interest in journalism beyond writing. She is also into broadcasting journalism, seeing it as possibly a future job. For a long time now, Samantha breaking out of her comfort zone has been a pursuit. She feels like a different person from now, than when she was a freshman. Day by day, Samantha looks to prove herself, whether it’s improving her writing ability, getting out of her comfort zone, or just being more vocal. Her hospitable, shy, friendly personality has helped shape the person she’s become.