Meet Our Copy Editor: David Bien-Aime


Being only a first-year member of The Pioneer, David Bien-Aime is eager to create and write stories. Bien-Aime, who has a passion for writing, became a writer for The Pioneer as a club member in late 2020, mainly writing about articles that interested him like entertainment articles. This year, he joined the Newspaper class since he likes to write and wants to showcase his writing talents, giving him the role of a staff editor. 

With writing being one of his passions, so is his academics. As senior year is one of the most exciting times of a high school student, it is also one of the most stressful times. Managing school work, sports, personal life, and researching for colleges is difficult but can be overcomed. By being hardworking and determined, Bien-Aime’s academic goals are to maintain his grades and his GPA. With college application due dates coming soon, Bien-Aime has taken time to research his own. He thinks of applying to Rutgers (Newark), Montclair State University, and Seton Hall, which benefits him since it’s close to home and saves him money.

 Besides his academics, Bien-Aime has been active in extracurricular activities at WOHS, like the Unity Club. He is also involved in the ICE Program, which allows him to take certain classes about race and law and go on field trips.  More importantly, the program will enable him to make sure his voice gets heard. As well as being active in extracurricular activities, he is also on the WOHS Spring Track team since his sophomore year. 

Aside from school, Bien-Aime likes having his free time after school. He likes to listen to R&B and rap music from Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy, and mostly Kanye West. Some of his favorites include his favorite TV show, Snowfall, his favorite soccer team, Barcelona, and his favorite sport, track. Although having an active lifestyle is important in Bien-Aime’s life, this summer was different for him due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that stopped him from getting out. Although this happened, he managed to get through the summer by working at a pizza parlor. 

Since school opened up again for in-person school Bien-Aime says that he looked forward to seeing his friends that he hadn’t seen since sophomore year. Throughout his high school years, Bien-Aime says that one piece of advice he learned is “to be yourself and make sure you satisfy yourself.” It might be simple, but it’s 100% true. As a relaxed and ambiguous person, Bien-Aime has shown himself to be this hard, dedicated man who works for what he wants in life, like wanting to have a stable job and completing his Master’s or Doctorate in 10 years.