Combat Senioritis: Ways To Stay Focused

Combat Senioritis: Ways To Stay Focused

Are you a senior in high school who’s feeling unmotivated? Feeling burnt out? Feeling lazy? Seeing your grades drop? Ignoring homework assignments? Feeling like there’s no point in school anymore? This may be a sign you’re suffering from senioritis. It can be tough being a senior. During this period, your future is your #1 priority. You start applying to colleges, signing up for internships, finding jobs, looking for scholarship opportunities, and more. Seniors are expected to do all of this while also keeping up with their academics. It can be a stressful time period. Applying to college isn’t an easy process, as there is a lot of time and effort that goes into applying and resume building. 

All of these factors play a part in creating the funny but also real concept called “Senioritis.” Senioritis is a decline in motivation and academic performance as a senior in high school. This is common nationwide. With the future being such a big focus, it’s understandable why students are no longer as motivated to do well during the school year. Still, it’s important to keep up with your grades because colleges still look at them even after you get in. You don’t want to fall behind, so here are six recommended treatments you can use to combat the senioritis epidemic. 


Treatment #1:  Stay Organized 

Organization is key to making sure you get all your work done. I suggest check-lists or creating agenda notebooks to make sure you get everything done. Doing this will help you stay on top of your work and other responsibilities.   


Treatment #2: Talk to Your Teachers/Guidance Counselors 

Don’t be afraid to be open with adults you trust. If you’re struggling, let them know for more advice on how to cope with the school year. They can provide insight and help you find solutions to dealing with the school year. Opening up can be very beneficial.   


Treatment #3: Make Sure Mental Health Isn’t Affected 

Remember, mental health comes first before anything. Check yourself to make sure you’re doing well mentally. Don’t overwork yourself, and if you find that you are, do things that benefit YOU. Try to find some time in the day to squeeze in some leisure time, even for 20-30 minutes. 


Treatment #4: Try to Be as Productive as Possible 

Try to set short-term goals for yourself so that you can continue to be productive throughout the school year. Set up goals like grades or sports. Setting goals will help motivate you to finish the school year on a strong note. 


Treatment #5: Don’t Put All Your Focus on College 

Don’t forget, you still have a whole school year to get through. Colleges still see your grades even after you make it in. So focus some of your energy on school. Ignoring all your work will only cause you more stress. Be balanced and put your focus and both college and high school. 


Treatment #6: Remember to Live in the Present

Yes, your future is critical, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the present. You’re still a senior; make the most of your last high school months. Find time to do things you want to do because you’re not in high school forever. Make sure to make the most of it.