Leaving Home


Ever since I was a little girl, goodbyes have been an incredibly difficult task for me. For someone who has experienced much change throughout the course of her life, you would think accepting change would be fairly easy for me, but as I sit here counting down the days till I leave I can tell you, it’s not. 

While all the running and constant training have been quite the distractions, this idea of me going away still looms in the back of my head constantly. College is a fresh new start with little to no direction as you embark on your journey, which is intimidating enough on its own. Not to mention, going to college means leaving behind everything you know, anything you are familiar with, and for the most part everyone you love. 

Naturally, the idea of leaving is a scary thought, but essentially it is a part of the process that makes this ride so special. When I leave on August 3rd, part of me will be immensely sad to turn my back and walk away from the things and people who make me who I am, but more of me will be overcome with joy as I step foot into my future. What lies in front of us, for the class of 2020, is a world of opportunity, and a chance to grow into the people we are meant to become.

 Sometimes in life, the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most, and with everything the class of 2020 has gone through in the past year, we are truly limitless. 

Growing up revolves around the idea of change, whether it be losing a tooth, transitioning to middle school, or even going through a breakup, and no matter what change life throws at us, we ultimately come out of it being closer to the person we are meant to become. During this time in our lives, we must learn to embrace change and welcome this new life of ours with open arms, no matter what we think we are leaving behind. Who we are as people derives from where we come from and how we are raised, and ultimately not even college can make us lose that. No matter what, West Orange will always and forever be a part of who I am, who I was, and who I hope to become.