The Student Body’s Response to Cascone’s Abrupt Resignation

The Student Body’s Response to Cascone’s Abrupt Resignation

On January 5, 2022, the official West Orange Public Schools Instagram account shockingly announced the resignation of Dr. J. Scott Cascone, the Superintendent of the West Orange School District for just a mere two and a half years. 

With the post receiving over 650 likes and 170 comments, it is clear that the students of West Orange schools had varied feelings regarding this unexpected news. WOHS Student Body President Liv Lewis commented under the post, “I’ll miss you.” A Dr. Cascone fan page, whose owner is anonymous, wrote, “We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.” Some students, however, were more resistant to immediately accept this disappointing news, commenting that Cascone “left us at our lowest” and Cascone is seemingly “dipping when times get [tough].” 

In his address to West Orange faculty, students, and parents, he claimed to be leaving his position “no later than April 5th” and briefly explained why he has chosen to leave his place at West Orange. 

According to Cascone in his resignation letter, “hours of travel daily to and from West Orange, when added to the time necessary to move the District forward in a positive direction, [was] incompatible with honoring my commitment to my family.” 

While many expressed their feelings, whether through comments accepting his resignation or filled with petty jokes, it was obvious that overall, West Orange will miss Cascone. Being such a large high school, Cascone went the extra mile to attend multiple games for every sport, engage with the students, and keep West Orange informed on any changes or measures regarding COVID-19 through his daily personable videos via Instagram. 

Dr. Cascone will be missed. Many in WO  appreciate his efforts to keep us safe from COVID-19 and his involvement in the high school and community-at-large. He conveyed pride in our town, which ricocheted onto the students and parents, as well. The next superintendent will certainly have big shoes to fill.

The Pioneer thanks Dr. Cascone for his unwavering support. From simply engaging in Tweets to lending a hand behind the scenes to help accomplish goals, our newspaper staff and advisor are grateful for the time Dr. Cascone has led our district. He has made himself available to student journalists on numerous occasions, always happy to provide a quote, clarification, or information, which were always paired with words of support and a high-five (verbal or otherwise). Doc C, The Pioneer thanks you for all you’ve done, and we wish you nothing but the best in all of your future endeavors!