The Masquerade

WEST ORANGE, NJ – Thursday, October 13th, the WOHS Student Council is hosting the first WOHS homecoming dance since 2019. The dance is 6-9 pm with a Masquerade theme. 


Historically, there have not been many homecoming dances at WOHS. The most recent dance was dated 2019, but it was a parent-run event and not an official school event. Prior to the 2019 dance, “… I do not think there has been one in at least 10-15 years.” according to Mrs. Connors, the Student Council advisor. 


On September 13th, the WOHS Student Council sent a Google Form survey to WOHS students for interest in a homecoming dance. Mrs. Connors reported that the Student Council brought the dance back, “…as students were interested and we wanted to try and see if this will be a successful event.”


Students replied quickly to the survey, with great feedback, even posting about the possibility of a dance on social media. Students took to Instagram, creating ‘Polls’ on bringing back the dance with many voting ‘Yes.’ Thanks to the abundance of student interest, the dance is being brought back after three years. 


Last Friday, tickets were released for $15 per student on Within the lunch block, tickets sold out. Being a school with over 2,000 students, many were disappointed to find that the dance was limited to only 300 students. Students were shocked about the quick sell out because many had planned to attend the dance since the initial information was released through the @wohs.stuco’s Instagram on September 24th.


In an informative email sent to WOHS students on October 6th, the Student Council announced that those attending the dance must show their Student ID to enter, with no exceptions. Located on the ticketing website, there is a list of restrictions for the dance: “No reentry, No bags allowed in, No outside food or drink.” Snacks will be available for purchase according to the site. For those attending, enjoy the “night of mystery!”.