Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Movie Review

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Movie Review


As a person who has never had experience with playing Dungeons and Dragons the game before, this movie effectively gives a peek into what the game might be like. 

The film follows four core characters, each with their own backstories and set of skills. Each of those stories is very interesting in its own right, as they give a perspective into why these characters act the way they do. 

We first see Edgin, a bard, who was a former member of the Harpers, a peacekeeping force. But left the Harpers after a group of Red Wizards, who he had arrested, killed his wife. We then see Holga, a barbarian who was exiled from her village after marrying a dwarf. We also see Simon, a Wizard who struggles to use his power to the fullest potential. Finally, there is Doric, a tiefling druid whose village is being destroyed by the ruler of Neverwinter.

The characters face Forge, a con man and a former member of the party, who is now the ruler of Neverwinter. He has been taking care of Edgin’s daughter Kira after he and Holga were sent to the Arctic prison of Revels End. There is also Sofina, an adviser to Forge who we find out is a Red Wizard.

After seeing Kira convinced that her father got locked away for selfish reasons, Edgin and Holga decide to rob Forge’s vault and rescue Kira during the High Sun Games, which were previously banned by the old ruler of Neverwinter but were brought back by Forge. They first convince Simon to join and suggest recruiting Doric as well.

They realize that the magic of Forge’s vault is too powerful, so they get the idea to find The Helm of Dysfunction, a relic that they believe can disable the magic. They meet Xenk, a paladin whose village was taken over by the Red Wizard army. He guides them to the Underdark to help them find the Helm, and after fighting an army of Red Wizards sent by Sofina, and escaping a dragon in the Underdark, they head to Neverwinter. 

I will not spoil anymore, but I believe that the plot of this movie is very well thought out, as it paces the story very well and gives progression to the already interesting stories of the characters. 

Another great aspect of this film is the visuals. The CGI landscapes the characters travel across look very well made, and fit the theme and tone of the film. For example, the castle in Neverwinter (pictured above) looks very well animated.

Finally, I believe that this movie does an excellent job of moving the story along as I mentioned before. It never felt too fast or too slow when I was in theaters, which really shows how epic and climatic this movie is. 

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a very good adaptation that does a solid job of portraying what the game feels like by creating its own story and campaign. I give this film a 7/10.