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Celebrating Black Excellence, Leader Spotlight: Principal Guerrero

Ruby Page

As we celebrate Black History Month, we’re excited to share an exclusive interview with Mr. Guerrero, the principal of West Orange High School. Mr. Guerrero sheds light on the vital role of West Orange High School in our community, and he emphasizes its unique ability to bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds. His focus on the importance of diversity and excellence in education resonates with the entire Pioneer staff,  and we consider ourselves privileged to have him as our principal.

In the spirit of this significant month, it’s crucial to highlight that Mr. Guerrero proudly identifies as Black and Afro-Latino, with roots tracing back to the Dominican Republic. Having arrived in the early ’70s, his journey adds a special touch to the diversity at West Orange High School. 

Reflecting on his previous experience in a predominantly Hispanic school, he acknowledges the contrast in cultural diversity. Inspired by his positive experiences with teachers, Mr. Guerrero pursued a career in education, aiming to impact students’ lives. His background shapes his approach to education, emphasizing diversity, community involvement, and student-centered leadership.

Amidst this cultural richness, he enjoys family time and supporting the San Francisco 49ers. Balancing family life with his duties as principal has become easier since moving to West Orange.

During the busyness of the winter, the principal reflects on the challenges and joys of balancing his role as a high school principal with his commitment to family, especially his children. But he finds comfort in his work with the diverse and fun atmosphere West Orange brings.  

In fact, he describes the high school as “the glue” of our community “that brings it all together.” From football games, to band invitations, to 4th of July celebrations, “… the building is open. 24/7.” 

Part of his favorite memories from being in the town comes from the joy it brings to his family. “When it snows, my kids really enjoy sledding down redwood,” Guerrero reminisces. 

With his many years dedicated to his educational career, Mr. Guerrero shared wise advice for current students. Guerrero understands the challenges students face in high school and aims to maintain academic excellence while embracing diversity at West Orange High. He wishes that we take the time to be intentional about our relationships, our goals, and stay true to who we are. 

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