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Nysa Vedwan

Nysa Vedwan, Student Journalist & Marketing Team

Nysa Vedwan (she/her) is a student journalist and a marketing team member of The Pioneer. She is a West Orange High School sophomore with a strong passion for journalism and writing. Nysa’s love for literature began in her childhood, and to this day, she enjoys expressing her thoughts and ideas through writing.  She is also passionate about current events and is always up-to-date on global affairs. 

Alongside her contributions to The Pioneer, Nysa is also a member of the Institute of Math and Science, where she takes courses to prepare her for a future job in the STEM field. She is also a part of West Orange High School’s Science Olympiad club, where she competes in science-related events. In addition, she also writes for the Cobblestone Magazine, West Orange High School’s literary magazine. 

Beyond her school activities, Nysa has a variety of hobbies. Some activities she enjoys doing in her free time are reading, writing, painting, cooking, and playing her piano. In her role in The Pioneer, Nysa hopes to hone her writing skills, and she looks forward to contributing impactful and thought-provoking articles to the newspaper. She lives in West Orange with her parents, grandmother, brother, and dog. She can be reached at [email protected]

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