A Star in the Making: Mikaili Ector

What do you get with a family full of musicians and a passion for doing what they love? An immensely talented junior and musical producer named Mikaili Ector, apparently.

Mikali Ector is no stranger to the music industry, as both of her parents have a history in music with her mother being a former singer and her dad being a professional drummer. Not to mention that her older sister, Melody, a 2015 WOHS graduate, has travelled the country with the band King Princess as the band’s pianist. 

Having a family full of musicians is both a good thing and a bad thing for Mikaili. On one end, she uses this as inspiration that it’s possible for her to be successful, but with her mother’s career of music gone — this sparks up a fear of failure that is often difficult to shake off. 

This music producer is a star in the making and she’s determined to make a name for herself in the music industry. With her drive and passion to perfect her talent — this dream certainly isn’t far fetched.

Taking a step into Mikaili Ector’s attic- turned-studio is like taking a step into her field of musical inspiration. With up to 5 instruments throughout her studio, Ector has posters of musical prodigies like Alicia Keys on her wall following an immense collection of CDs and vinyl records.

“When I meet Alicia Keys, and I’m saying when because I want to stay confident… I’m probably gonna die.”

With a musically inclined family, Ector has a great advantage with finding the equipment for music production. But as a highschool student, some instruments like her RODE microphone that costed around $300, have been a major investment. 

As she enters a new decade, Ector has a lot of goals that she wishes to achieve in the future that awaits her.

“I think I see myself being genuinely happy in 5 years. Living in New York because that’s my thing, having a cat, being financially stable… Not to be over dramatic or anything but I see myself blowing up, getting recognized for my music.”

Because of her passion toward music, Mikaili expressed that she has lost a lot of friends along the way, “not necessarily because they weren’t supporting her but because they weren’t supporting each other.” 

Keeping a small circle is what helps Mikaili stay focused and clear of any negative energy that can distract her from her passion.

Even with her small circle, Mikaili expressed that she has stronger friendships with people that are older than her, mostly because they have a lot more advice and musical experience to offer her. People at school are generally supportive of Mikaili’s music career, but sometimes “a pat on the back isn’t going to make you better…” and compliments can only take you so far.

Ector has worked with fellow West Orange High School student, Isabella Curis and 2019 graduate, Shawn Parker on producing and releasing music. This dynamic trio collaborated on their song, So Long, which amassed  views on SoundCloud. 

In the age of Soundcloud rappers and breakout Tiktok stars, Mikaili expressed her frustrations with getting her musical talent recognized in competition with social media prodigies. Despite these frustrations, Mikaili has supportive people such as Shawn Parker that remind her that everyone will grow in popularity and fame at their own pace.

Until that time of  fame and recognition comes, she hopes to keep working hard and never giving up on her craft. 

Carrying a fun personality, Mikaili still makes time to let loose and joke around when she’s not focusing on her music. In a studio session, multiple references to memes, dark humor and Spongebob episodes are bound to happen as it wouldn’t be a Mikaili Ector studio session without it. 

Check out the video below to see a behind the scenes look into a studio session with Mikaili Ector!