Mountaineer of the Month: Shyleea Ryan

Shyleea Ryan, a Senior as well as a student athlete here at West Orange High School, is fairly new to the school but has left a lasting impression on all of those around her already.

Shyleea is a member of the Girls Varsity basketball team, where she immediately left her mark on Coach Caniece Williams. Coach Williams mentioned that her favorite thing about Shyleea is “her resilience to anything that comes her way.” Coach Williams continued to highlight, “She seems to remain so positive and always ends up on top!” In addition, TCI and English teacher Ms. Dahl has grown to know Shyleea quite a bit.

Mrs. Dahl noted, “I admire people who keep pushing forward despite their circumstances. Coming into a new school your senior year is a challenge and yet Shyleea has not only done that, but she’s made a really good impression on a whole lot of people in a short amount of time. Plus she’s just the sweetest.”

Similar to the faculty at West Orange, peers and friends are also incredibly impressed with the strength and perseverance of Shyleea. Christyne Corasmin, a Senior and the basketball manager mentions, “Shyleea always finds the positive in the negative.” Close friend and teammate on the basketball team, Coco Ali-Ramroop also mentioned some of her favorite attributes of Shyleea.

“She’s humble. She knows her strengths and never speaks on them unless people bring it to her attention and she still never has much to say. She is always positive with a big heart. She also always puts people before herself even when she doesn’t have much to offer.”

Overall, Shyleea has been a wonderful addition to the West Orange community, and will continue to be an inspiration for people of all ages. Even in her short time as a mountaineer, Shyleea has embodied everything and more of what all mountaineers aspire to be. The Pioneer proudly names Shyleea Ryan as this month’s Mountaineer of the Month.