I Saw 5 Broadway Shows This Year; Here’s My Opinion on Them

I Saw 5 Broadway Shows This Year; Heres My Opinion on Them

With the flickering lights, the booming noise, and the fantastical narratives, there’s little to dislike about Broadway, and I am obsessed with it. Since my Hamilton phase in 3rd grade, I have loved the theater. From emotional rollercoasters like Dear Evan Hansen to hilarious shows like Beetlejuice, I wanted to watch them all. So, when I heard that some of theater’s most popular shows like Phantom of the Opera were closing I rushed to The Big Apple to see as many as I could. My efforts did not go to waste as I saw four shows on Broadway and one former Broadway show in Philadelphia.

Now as anyone would tell you, I am quite opinionated. So, I decided to give my opinion on each of the shows I saw in order from my least favorite to my most favorite.

5. Dear Evan Hansen
I got to see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway before its final bow on September 18th and I’m so glad I did. Dear Evan Hansen is very possibly the most emotional show I’ve ever seen and it was very moving.

The show presents modern representation of mental health struggles and uses screens to show all parts of the main character, Evan, and his school life and even his life on social media which was a unique touch. Though the music was a little slow to my taste, it was still enjoyable, and the story, and occasional comedy, keeps you entertained. Even though it was my least favorite show I saw this year, I’m glad I watched it.

4. A Strange Loop
I saw A Strange Loop before it announced its January 15th, 2023 closing, and it’s a unique and dazzling show that is a much-needed LGBTQ+ to Broadway.

The show is unconventional as it is a story about the playwright Michael R. Jackson writing the musical. It also only uses seven characters. The musical uses Michael’s character, known as Usher, and his six thoughts, that play different roles throughout the show. The small but passionate cast makes the musical very entertaining.
A Strange Loop is a fun and different Broadway show. Although its songs aren’t memorable, its comedy, message, and uniqueness are.

3. Le Miserables
Although Le Mis closed nearly almost two decades ago it has still had a prominent tour. I got to see it on their Philadelphia stop in the glorious Academy of Music, and it was incredible.

Le Mis is one of the most iconic shows. From its book to its movie, it’s hard to miss the story. The musical was a “traditional” Broadway musical but it was amazing.

The songs, plot, dancing, and sets made the show immersive and fun. The movie does not live up to the show, so I definitely recommend taking a trip to its next tour destination.

2. Come From Away
It’s hard to talk about 9/11 and it’s even harder to make a musical about it, but Come From Away does it spectacularly.

When I heard that Come From Away closed on October 2nd, 2022 I was heavily disappointed as the show truly moved me when I watched it and I was sad that I wouldn’t get to see it again on Broadway.

Come From Away was a unique and fun show. When you have each actor playing more than one role you’re going to have an interesting show.

Come From Away told the story of 9/11 in such a unique and unforgettable way which created a beautiful and moving show with songs I still have on my playlist.

1. Beetlejuice
With Beetlejuice set to close on January 8th, 2023, I have never been so happy to see a Broadway show before it closes.

Beetlejuice is a hilarious and fun show that had me laughing to the point of tears. It was such a fun show that I would watch again and again.

From the music to the acting, especially by Beetlejuice actor Alex Brightman, the show was perfect in every way and it’s my favorite show that I saw in 2022 and one of my favorite shows of all time.