Would You Stop Using Technology Completely?

Would You Stop Using Technology Completely?

As the new year begins, resolutions are formed in an effort to better ourselves. One specific resolution that you should consider this year would be to remove technology from your life completely. While it seems far-fetched, it’s really a mentally and physically beneficial commitment to make.

The term ‘Luddite’ is used to describe someone who adapts this zero-technology mindset. The word has been taken out of context and used in a derogatory way to define those unwilling to accept society’s growth and innovation. However, it’s really about the benefits of cutting technology out of your life in order to accomplish more in a healthier way.

The origins of the movement come from 19th-century English textile workers who destroyed weavers in the night to protest their poor working conditions. Luddites in the 1800s were tactical and considerate about what they did; they targeted manufacturers who were paying low wages and encouraging an unfair environment along with targeting machines that would be dangerous inconveniences for workers. The name is derived from Ned Ludd who smashed knitting machines as an act of opposition to his circumstances.

Present-day Luddites have turned their focus to the digital world, especially its impact on younger generations. Studies have found that by just limiting screen time, there have been noticeable academic, physical, and behavioral enhancements to adolescent minds; imagine what could be gained by completely omitting technology. Additionally, studies found that teenagers addicted to their screens are at a higher risk of obesity, faltering grades, and irregular sleep patterns overall; however, the greatest risk is depression.

Devices are used in negative ways such as escaping emotionally challenging situations which inevitably proves to be an unhealthy way to cope. By ditching your device, you will be able to experience the world around you and sustain innocence while you can. Those who have turned to a technology-less world are often more cultured and appreciate works of art, literature, music, and care for their surrounding environment in an enriching way. Clubs formed by Luddite-driven teenagers in New York City are good examples of this. They meet up to discuss various topics or just dedicate reflective time for themselves, agreeing that rejecting their phones allows them the energy to be creative, concentrate and think for themselves.

Things stand in the way of adopting a Luddite mindset, however, such as how essential technology is to our society and how much is centered around it. For example, concerned parents want easy access to contact their children, it’s almost a necessity to have on-the-go music like Spotify or easily obtain rides like uber offers, even checking the weather is more digitally friendly. In addition, the constant appearance of technology in classrooms causes worry regarding how to continue academic success while not being able to utilize the resources which the school provides. Yet, it’s always possible to find solutions to these faults, so the good outweighs the bad more often than not.

So, when considering a resolution to make this new year, think about the advantages of removing technology from your life and the fulfilling impact it could have on you as a result.