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Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

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Worst Fashion Trends of 2017

Rachel Favetta, Student Journalist

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2017 could have been worse but it definitely could have been better and the fashion definitely contributed. Here are some of the worst fashion trends of 2017.

The Squiggly Eyebrow

I don’t know who thought it was a good “eye”dea to decide they were going to ruin their eyebrows by squiggling on them, but this really takes all of the character out of the eyebrow. Also, the amount of time it would take to achieve a correct, even squiggle is not worth it no matter the occasion.

The Rip Down Below

Maybe it’s because their legs sweat a lot and they have to air them out, or maybe they like the idea of getting caught on everything they sit on, whatever the case, whoever decided this was fashion-forward needs to be locked up. This is mainly on the list for comfort, there is no way sitting sitting on a cold bleacher in the middle of winter, or a hot bleacher in the middle of summer with these jeans on is comfortable. Absolutely, not! Next!

The Male Romper

This is not because we live in a society where women can wear a romper and men can’t. This made the worst fashion trend list because there is no way that fits correctly around all of his parts. That man is only smirking to mask the fact that he has fabric lodged in places he didn’t think it could reach. Also, the tan lines! Imagine those despicable tan lines! Unless he is coming to plunge my toilet or end my ant infestation no man should have to squeeze himself into that.

Nose Hair Extension

Need I say more? Why does ANYBODY male or female, think this is cute and second of all, WHY IS THIS TRENDING?! Just looking at the picture makes me need to sneeze.

The Sparkly Beard

This has made the list for two reasons. First, there is no way to avoid a glitter infestation of the mouth, between speaking, eating, and breathing this fashion trend is a choking hazard. Second, it must be itchy. But there is no way to scratch when rocking that beard because glitter will go everywhere. This glitter bomb should stay in the box.

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Worst Fashion Trends of 2017