Pre Prom

Cynthia Cumming

Melissa Callen, Student Journalist

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The month of prom means prom is the only thing seniors talk about. With questions like, what does your dress look like? What color are you painting your nails? How are you styling your hair? Circulating through the halls.

Probably the most exciting thing about prom is before the actual dance begins: pre-prom. The morning of May 24th will begin like any other, students sitting in their classes, trying to learn the last bit of their classwork before the year concludes. However, once the time reaches 12:20 many seniors leave to get ready for prom, which would begin in just a few hours. The girls go to their hair and makeup appointments, while the boys put the finishing touches on their tuxes.

A few hours before 6:00 PM, the prom goers meet up with friends or family to take pictures. Whether in Verona park or in a friend’s backyard, these pictures will be kept and cherished for years to come.

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