10 Things to do Over the Summer


Justin Peters, Student Journalist

Summer means freedom. There is nothing holding students back. No tests, no homework, just fun. But three months is not much time to plan a big adventure. It’s not so fun spending three months inside watching Netflix, eating ice cream, and playing Fortnite. So, here are ten fun things to do over the summer!

Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure is the first fun summer stop. Six Flags is quite the thrill. It has considerably good food for a theme park, rides and games! It also mixes basic carnival rides like the Ferris Wheel and Bumper Cars with insane thrill rides based on DC Superheros. Six Flags has something for everyone, this is the must-visit place of any summer.

The Turtle Back Zoo

The South Mountain Recreation Complex is right here in West Orange and has many fun things for you and your family. There are five different activities in the complex including the Turtle Back Zoo (TBZ). The TBZ is home to many animals from all over the world and especially fun for young kids.

The Codey Arena

The second thing to do at the Complex is the Codey Arena. If it’s really hot out, it can sometimes be nice to have a break from the sun. The ice rink in the Cody Arena  is a great place to keep cool, and stay in shape.

The Treetop Adventure Park

The Treetop Adventure Park is next to the TBZ. These courses offer 30 unique climbing challenges at 35 feet in the air! The Zip Line measures over a football field in length and stands at 40 feet! This place is perfect for thrill-seekers and fitness people or just those excited for a new adventure.

Mini Golf Safari

The fourth thing to do in the Complex is Safari themed Mini Golf. The course is split into three different areas: the Sahara, the African Grasslands, and the Congo. Come across life-sized statues of a camel, a gorilla, and a lion. This is perfect for golf-lovers, animal lovers, nature lovers, and people looking to hangout.

The last thing to do in the Complex is the Waterfront. The Waterfront is a beautiful 1.7 mile reservoir walking path. There is also a paddle boat launch with average looking paddle boats and swan boats.

Long Beach Island

You can’t have summer without going to the beach! Luckily there are at least three nice beaches right here in New Jersey. The first beach is Long Beach Island. This gorgeous 18 mile beach is chock full of shops, restaurants and fun stuff like “The Chicken and the Egg” restaurant, and “Ron Jon’s Surf Shop,” there is also “Fantasy Islands,” a fun amusement park there. This beach is perfect for the family.

Cape May

The second beach to visit is Cape May. Cape May is filled with even more shops than LBI and a bit smaller. “The Escape May Escape Rooms” are fun group puzzles, and there is also the iconic “Cape May Lighthouse,” and end the day perfectly by going to “Sunset Beach,” a scenic beach with ruins of the concrete SS Atlantus & quartz crystals in the sand.


The last and probably best beach to visit is “Wildwood.” Check out “Morey’s Piers,” an amazingly fun boardwalk theme park. The lemonade and french fries from “Curley’s” are delicious and there are cool rides like “Boat Tag,” “Atmosfear,” and at the end of the day, check out one of the largest ferris wheels on the East Coast, and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Wildwood is great for people of all ages.

The last thing you should do over the summer is spend time with your family. You might not see your family too often as the year can get overwhelming for everyone. Whether you have a job or college, try to have family movie nights or game nights anything that involves spending time with the people you love (or just tolerate). Either way, hope you have an amazing summer, and as for you seniors, farewell and godspeed!

Happy Summer, from the Pioneer!