Woman and Girls Sports Day

Woman and Girls Sports Day

Royson Folas, Athletics and Editorials Editor

WEST ORANGE, NJ — On Thursday February 7th, West Orange High School (WOHS) dedicated the West Orange Girls Basketball (WOGB) game against Newark Academy to the 33rd annual National Woman and Girls Sports Day. It was a thrilling night and the girls put on a wonderful showing for all who were in attendance on the night.

Principle Hayden Moore and WOGB Coach Nicole Fleck would kick off the night by speaking on the importance of Girls Sports. Fleck stated, “Tonight is a special night to honor the many ways that sports push girls and women to achieve excellence and receive their boundless potential.” Throughout the night, they would acknowledge the numerous girls sports teams that have found success in recent weeks. The girls soccer team, wrestling team, cheerleaders, and track and field team were praised for the victories they have earned over the past team. The girls lacrosse team was also given a spotlight due to their upcoming inaugural season this spring.

The girls took the game by the horns right from the tip off. The electric speed of play and swift ball movement produced by WOGB was something hat Newark simply could not match. Mackenzie Dover and Na’ia Peterson gave the girls an early advantage making the score 6-0 from the free throw line. The impenetrable defense from the girls made it almost impossible for Newark to cause a threat, only scoring after seven minutes when they had already fell short 14 points.

Mya Bembry, Kiley Capstraw, and Bianca Fede each contributed big in the second quarter to extend the girls lead and by the halftime the score was 37-9. After halftime, the crowd saw a bit of sportsmanship from WOGB. They tended to ease up on attack and defense and were willing to sacrifice their big lead to boost the confidence. It was a true act of character as they could have went on and won this game considerably but understood that the day was for all girls and were selfless in their actions. The game ended 57-27 to the West Orange Girls Basketball team.