Virginity Rocks! And So Does Safe Sex


Members of the Teen Pep in the auditorium during the “Let’s Wait Awhile” outreach

Natalie Nevins, Features Editor

The Teen Prevention Education Program offered at West Orange High School, which is also known as Teen Pep, conducted their first outreach of the 2019-2020 school year going off without a hitch!

The outreach was called “Let’s Wait Awhile” and it’s a workshop centered on postponing sexual involvement. The outreach took place on November 11th, 12th and 13th and enlightened an array of freshman and sophomore gym classes on the pressures associated with the decision to wait or not wait to have sex. 

Led by Physical Education teachers, Ozzie Diaz and Claire Moss Leggiero, Teen Pep is a group of seniors who work closely with the freshmen and sophomores to teach them about high school specific dilemmas. This year, Teen Pep consists of fourteen senior girls, who have all been trained in leadership and sexuality issues. Throughout the school year, Teen Pep conducts a series of workshops on sexual decision making, in addition to creating videos and bulletin boards in regards to the same topics. 

During the outreach, the Peer Educators of Teen Pep put on a display of skits and monologues, in addition to breaking down into smaller groups. During the small group activities, a more comfortable and close-knit environment is created for underclassman, with two or three Peer Educators spending quality one-on-one time with their groups while continuing to discuss sexual decision making. 

The next Teen Pep outreach is scheduled to occur in early January, and will be focused on pregnancy prevention.