BHM: Ross the Boss


Kiley Capstraw, In Our School/In Our Town

Tracee Ellis Ross is an American actress and producer starring on ABC’s hit show, Black-ish. She has also been featured in many short films, movies, and shows. Born to Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein on October 29, 1972, it was evident that from a young age, Ross was going to be a star. Ross grew up in Los Angeles along with her half brother Evan Ross and two sisters Rhonda Ross Kendrick and Chudney Lane Silberstein. Ross and her siblings attracted a ton of attention, being the offspring of a famous actress and music business manager. Ross takes pride in education and graduated from the prestigious Brown University in the spring of 1994, and is honored and praised for her tremendous work as an Alumni. 

Ross is often recognized for the new perspective that she brings to the TV screen. Being a bi-racial woman who takes pride in her mixed heritage, Ross opens up and empowers the women in the world who want to embrace both of their races. Along with that, Ross is an activist for women’s rights and is constantly advocating for equality between the two genders. She wants her voice to be heard and will do whatever it takes to make her statements acknowledged. Ross is a true inspiration and someone that should be acknowledged for their efforts on and off of the TV screen.