One Year to Another, a Chapter in our Lives


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We say our goodbyes to 2020, hoping to never come across that chapter again. All the disarray that’s transpired is still happening, but more precautions are taken as we enter 2021. While we’re going into 2021 one step at a time, there’s so much we hope to bring in and leave in 2020, as we strive to forget one of the most chaotic years of our lives.

Here’s a list of 12 words from last year and this year that would still be relevant in 2021.

1. Covid-19

With everything that has happened over the course of last year, Covid-19 has had the most impact on everyone. This pandemic has been hard on everyone in more ways than one with public facilities closing, unemployment, the deaths of our loved ones, quarantine, and more. This has affected everything we’ve done and we’re still trying to get through this in 2021. Even though we want to leave this difficulty behind us, there are things making it very difficult for us to get back into our old, normal lives.

2. Vaccine

The year has just started, but the vaccine for Covid-19 has previously been introduced in 2020. More efforts are being made to distribute doses of the vaccine to everyone. Since 2020, everyone has been talking about the vaccine, but this year, it will be talked about even more, especially with those who want to take it and those who don’t. If many people receive the vaccine, the vaccine will hypothetically help people stay safe and allow businesses to be opened. There are so many opinions on this topic with many different answers to all the questions everyone has. In 2021, this topic will become more relevant as the days pass.

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3. Zoom

Zoom has been with most students and workers since March. It has been tough on students going through Zoom every day, as many aren’t able to fully meet their teachers and see their friends. Even workers started having meetings through Zoom to accomplish things over the quarantine period. Even though we are continuing with virtual learning, many people have started somewhat going back to their daily lives. Most people have been going to school or work until 2020 since they weren’t able to stay home, while others haven’t left their homes; hopefully, things will be normal starting this year.

4. Social distancing/In-person

“Remember to practice social distancing.” We’ve all heard these words since last year. This year we still have to put that statement into practice, even though more people are receiving the vaccine. As many know, the vaccine is said to prevent the causes of Covid-19, but not get rid of it as a whole. So, even when people take the vaccine, they can go out, but they have to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart from others to help maintain safety. It isn’t much of a bump up from 2020, but it’s still something better this year even though we continue to social distance.

5. Self Care

Throughout quarantine, many teens have discovered that self-care is very important to their health. This isn’t solely in the lives of teens, but in everyone. Since people have taken the time to care for themselves, there have been many significant changes in the way most people are trying to better themselves as a person. Teens especially have taken the time to evaluate themselves to feel comfortable and confident about themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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6. BLM

The Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) has been a big part of 2020. The movement gained attention through the media, and soon it was everywhere. Many began to educate themselves on the matter and spread information through social media. Even though the news has been slowly dying out, more people know about the injustice that black people endure and know what needs to be done in America to make it free for all. This is a movement that needs to be brought into the new year so that it won’t just be something that happens once in a while. It needs to continuously be brought into light about all that going on, the good and the bad in this, so that even more change can be made in today’s society. 

7. Presidential Election

While the presidential election has taken up the last few months of 2020, it will still pop up this year as the inauguration is approaching. As we all know, Biden was elected President, and a lot was done leading up to the day he takes office. A lot has happened before that day, and sometimes we can barely keep up, but everyone is learning how important it is to stay informed on this. Many have begun to realize that even though they may not like politics, it’s important to stay updated on whatever may happen politically.

8. Inauguration

This month was the inauguration of Joseph R. Biden. Even though it may not seem like much to some people, this is an important time in our nation to watch and understand what exactly is going on. The topic will be talked about everywhere as everyone is leaning in to see what will happen on the days that come during his presidency.

9. Recovery/Normalcy

With so much change happening in 2021, recovering from Covid-19 and getting back to somewhat of our normal lives is what many people want. Even though it may not be perfect, the world is slowly recovering this year with all the efforts being made. This year people want to talk with people less than 6 feet away and connect with people physically. It may not even get to the point where we can physically touch each other or not distance anymore, but things are starting to get better, to the point where we can go out again to different places and have more jobs returning.

10. Flexibility

Our lives are so different from what we had in mind for 2020 and 2021. In everything that has happened over the past year, things won’t just magically return to normal. We have to be flexible with our situations and what we currently can do now. Things will change, and we have to learn to accept that now. In 2020, some people didn’t accept what was going on and still did what they wanted, while others were able to. Flexibility will be important because changes are happening this year that may change our lives.

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11. Social Media

Social media has had a big influence on our lives in the past year. People connected and shared through many social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. These apps have impacted everyone, especially teens. This year, these apps will continue to impact people’s lives and become a source of comfort during these times where people can laugh, cry, get angry, and relate to so many different posts. It has turned into an outlet where people can express themselves and share their thoughts and opinions on different topics that are relevant right now.

12. Relationships

Connecting with people through the internet isn’t the same thing as connecting with them in person. That physical connection you receive with someone is something that bonds you with that person. So far, connecting with people online can seem easy since you don’t have to see them, but it is different from what we’re used to. You can probably feel a connection growing between you and someone online, but once you meet each other physically, the relationship may change a bit or stay the same. It can get awkward and complicated with not having anything to say and the fact that you might be standing 6 feet away from each other. Yet, our relationships with those around us are becoming more important to us because we see our family members who we live with. Taking care of those relationships we have right now instead of chasing those we don’t have is important to strengthen our bonds with each other and get a connection we probably never felt before.