Dylan Wilkes: A WOHS Girls Lacrosse Legend in the Making

Dylan Wilkes: A WOHS Girls Lacrosse Legend in the Making

Devin Wilkes, Copy Editor

After an exemplary season as a starting midfielder and co-captain on the varsity girls lacrosse team,  junior Dylan Wilkes was awarded a Mountaineer Pride Special Achievement Award at Senior Sports Awards Night on June 2. The star student-athlete achieved notable career milestones in a victory over Union Catholic on May 24, in which she broke her own school record by scoring nine goals in one game, including her 100th career goal. This month, I sat down with Wilkes as we reflected on this past season, as well as the challenges that came with playing high school lacrosse amid a pandemic. 


The Pioneer: What was going through your mind the moment you scored that 100th goal? 


Dylan Wilkes: “Wow, I actually did it.” During that whole game, I was freaking out unsure if I would be able to get to 100 goals. Then, when I ran down and scored, I was so excited that I actually cried because I was overcome with happiness and just being surprised that I actually did it.


The Pioneer: Yeah, I’m sure that must have been a surreal feeling. Overall, what were your favorite things about your junior season? 


Dylan Wilkes: My teammates were one of my favorite things about the season. A lot of teammates have been super supportive of me and I wouldn’t have gotten through the season without them.


TP: Your sophomore season was unfortunately canceled last year due to the pandemic. What were some of the challenges over the long offseason?


DW: Some challenges were not being to play just in general because sophomore year was an important year because it was before colleges could start speaking to me and actually recruit me. So when COVID hit and I wasn’t able to play high school, it was sad because I was so excited to play. But even though I didn’t play in high school, I still had club lacrosse so I still got to play which was great. 


TP: I know that you’re looking at playing lacrosse in college. How has COVID impacted your recruiting experience?  


DW: Many schools and their sports either had to hold off their seasons or cancel them all together for the year. So for lacrosse as well as many other sports, colleges couldn’t come out and see me play. All they could see and get was a lot of highlight film and a bunch of emails. 


TP: What are some of your goals going into your senior season?


DW: I definitely hope to hit my 200 goal mark. I think that if I work really hard and do what I have to do on the field, I think it’s very possible. As for team goals, I want to work with my teammates and work really hard with them so we can qualify for the state playoffs. We haven’t done it yet BUT I think that next year is our year!